Sanitary and Pharmaceutical Law

The Health law can be defined as the legal regulation, beloging to the Public law, of general interest, that pretends health protection as a Constitutional Right.

Our department of health law goes far beyond, it is  dedicated to studying and advising on any subjects, contencious or not, concerned with Pharmaceutical and Health Law geared towards professionals and companies.



The efficiency offered by the “feed back” between the different areas of corporate, Administrative, Criminal, Civil, Labor Law and tax of the firm, focused on Pharmaceutical Law allows us to provide and effective response to our clients, especially in matters such as:

– Legal advice front of public sector entities, contentious or non-contentious. Sanitary or tax disciplinary proceedings.
– Civil, criminal, corporate our laboul itigiousness.
– Legal advice in face to their competitors.
– Applications for opening licenses, authorizations.
– The development and establishment of associations, foundations and purchasing groups.
– Administrative contracts, civil, corporate or labour.
– Legal and tax advice in the transmission of clinical centers, pharmacies and homes.
– Testamentary and / or previous preparation of the heritage that make up the inventory thereof.
– Data protection.
– New technologies.

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