General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Do you want to comply with the new GDPR? Adapt your business to GDPR and protect your clients´ data. Gaona Abogados are specialists in data protection, and we would love to hep you in the creation of a comprehensive plan to protect the personal data treat by you or your company and ensure the regulatory compliance.


What includes?

  Analysis of the technical-organizational structure of the company by departments of the security systems implemented in the organization.

   Action protocol development (information policy, operation guide and obligations involved in the treatment, subject´s rights, security breaches, etc.).

Informative clauses elaboration and procedures for obtaining express consent of those interested in paper forms and/or electronic forms, for the fulfillment of the informative duty of the controller, according to article 13 GDPR EU 2016/679.

Initial diagnosis of the company to determine the specific proceedings to be carried out in it according to its organizational structure and preparation of the regulatory documents required by the GDPR UE 2016/679.

Drafting contracts with those responsible for the treatment linked to the controller, in accordance with the article 28 GDPR EU 2016/679.

Elaboration of non-disclosure agreements with employees.

Identification of personal data processing and design of its structure. Preparation of a security document.

  Preparation of the activity log of the manager and/or person in charge according to data categories and specific treatments, in conformity with the article 30. GDPR UE 2016/679.

Our Budget

Your counseling needs are unique, that is why our fee will be adjusted to the characteristics of the services you need.

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