Of the Businesses : Restructuring, Insolvency and Real Estate

Restructuring and Insolvency:

• Solutions in crisis situations
• Advice and planning for companies and individuals in the context of an insolvency situation, inminent or current.
• Restructuring that promotes the viability of the business
• Debt refinancing.
• Bankruptcy receivers.
• Customer default counseling.
• Right of debtors entrepreneurs.
• Right of creditors entrepreneurs.

Real Estate:

Dedicated to advising companies, professionals and individuals in all matters related to building processes and coveyance of properties.

Specifically comprises the following subjects:

• Financing operations advice.
• Real Estate operations brokerage.
• Contract resolution and problem solving related to the building process
• Agents involved in the process
• Hiring urbanization process and building works consultancy.
• Outsourcing of real estate assets.
• Leases and real estate guarantees negotiation.

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