Legal Counsel

Do you want to take a leap with your company? Have a legal counsel in your business.

Do I need to increase my business? Do I need a strategic Alliance? Do I need an investor? Do I need a partnership with a company that diversifies my business model? In Gaona Abogados help you to give answer to those questions, provide you a strategic advice by the figure of the legal advisor who, in addition to give legal security to my operations, he is able to open opportunities to increase my business and he go with me in my decisions from a strategic and planning point of view, adapting to the situation and needs of each company.

Gaona Abogados, S.L.P., Law Firm, towards its clients and its professionals composed in its offices (Spain, Peru, English market, etc.) and in institutions of recognized prestige, is also able to provide and generate business opportunities that allow to grow and to promote my activity or to properly direct the investments that I have planned.


What does it include?

  Business plan and strategy analysis of my business.

Opportunity approaching to collaborator/investor.

 Participation and support to the Organs of decision of my company.

 Assistance and supervision of talks and negotiations in order to facilitate solutions.

 Tracing opportunities and make easier contacts.

 Draft an agreement.

Our Budget

Your needs of legal advice are unique that is why our fees will be adapted to the characteristics of the services you may need.

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