Internationalization Office

GAONA ABOGADOS SLP,  has established the International Business Department, which together with the International Law Department, provides services in all areas necessary for companies aiming to enter foreign markets.

In this regard, the International Business Department complements and coordinates economic and financial services to companies seeking to enter foreign markets, together with the legal services provided by the International Law Department, with extensive experience in the sector on all continents

It also has an international network of collaborators, for all issues that may require local assistance. In particular, it has offices and correspondents abroad, in key cities such as London and Lima, as well as specialized multidisciplinary teams, such as German Desk and TIC Desk.

In particular, the Office of Internationalization of Companies, offers and coordinates the following services:

  • Economic and financial advice for entry to international markets. Analysis of company capacity. Analysis of the most accessible markets and opportunities according to the sector and capacity.
  • Commercial advice to companies seeking internationalisation and entry into markets inside and outside the EU, recruitment (distribution, agency, commission), corporation (constitution of subsidiaries, branches, permanent establishments), protection of intellectual and industrial property, know-how, guarantees of payment and collection, and restructuring of companies and business groups in M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions).
  • Tax advice and support for the internationalisation of Spanish companies. Advice and tax planning for investment by non-residents in Spain (Double Taxation Agreements). Tax planning related to corporate restructuring. Advice on acquisition and sale of businesses, tax audits (due diligence). Tax planning for the transfer of intangibles. Review of documentation requirements in related operations (transfer pricing). Tax planning for foreign workers and relocated staff.
  • Advice to private individuals regarding investment in second homes (sale, declaration of new building works, etc.).
  • Acceptance and acquisition of inheritance with respect to decedent’s estate located in Spain.
  • Constitution of Spanish commercial companies by foreigners.
  • Advising on other industrial, real estate and energy production investments.
  • Execution of sentences and other orders issued by foreign courts and authorities.
  • Litigation.
  • Tax and accounting advice for Spanish companies constituted by foreigners..
  • In addition to providing advice and defence for foreign individuals and companies in Spain, Gaona Abogados S.L.P. also operates overseas through reciprocal arrangements with law firms in other countries, enabling us to advise our clients on investments abroad.
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