Administrative Law

Dedicated to all issues, litigious or not, that are related to Public Administrative Law and with fiscal, tax, or accounting matters.

This area deals not only with Public Administrations, which deal with, by nature, institutional or corporate matters, but also with individuals with similar needs.



We specifically focus on the following matters:


  • Advising to Public Administrations.
  • Authorisations and Licensing.
  • Forceful Expropriation.
  • Capital Liability.
  • Administrative Resources and Administrative Litigation.
  • Water, Mines, Mountains and Infrastructure.
  • Regulated Sectors: electricity, gas, hydrocarbons, transportation and postal services, renewable energies.
  • Competency: Mergers and disciplinary procedures for restrictive practices, abuses of dominant position and resources.
  • Urban Development: counsel on land development projects. Participation in negotiations in front of Public Administrations. Creation of contracts with businesses and professionals who participate in the process. Negotiation of urban development agreements. Legal assistance to development agencies and developers. Advising on the hiring process for development projects and building. Advising on the procedure of obtaining development licenses and other permits and administrative authorizations that affect the construction and urban development process.
  • Court of Auditors: Proceedings for audits of Public Administrations and proceedings of accounting scope; representation in the Court of Auditors on behalf of Public Administrations, civil servants, and individuals.
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