Center for Law Studies

The Legal scientific Department Gaona Abogados was founded with the purpose of giving visibility and coherence for the activities of Gaona Abogados in the area of training, scientific publishing and culture.

For years Gaona Abogados rely on among its activities, to participate and give courses and master for professionals in various areas: Town-Planning, Mining Industry, Planning and Environment, Medical Liability, Professional Responsibilities, Management of Pharmacy Offices, etc.

It collaborates with the University of Malaga as a revitalizing agent of its activities throughout the world and it is added to Andalusia Tech, the campus of excellence from the Universities of Seville and Malaga.


Among its publications, in addition of scientific articles, it has published monographs or elaboration on Medical Liability, Contentious-Administrative Claim Forms, The Competition of the Pharmacy’s Office, etc.

It currently manages and participates in the Master of Urban Planning at the University of Malaga, TERRITORY, CITY AND ENVIRONMENT; it is given in Lima, which has been sponsored in Malaga in previous editions.

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