Corporate and Commercial Law

Commercial Law

Dedicated to all issues related to commercial law, legal counsel to businesses and the area of real estate proceedings, from the acquisition of building land, the construction process, promotion, and sales.

We specifically focus on the following matters:

•Corporate Law: Corporate charters, legal counsel to boards of directors, increases and decreases in capital, transfers and taxation of shares.
Fusions and acquisitions. Sale of companies.
• Counselling on the process of contracting labour for construction and development.
•Industrial Property: Patents, models and designs; logos (brands and trade names); guarantees of origin and indications of geographical origin.
•Intellectual Property: Rights of authors, editors, producers, artists, broadcasters, software and database developers. Protection and defence of other rights, including audiovisual and audio recordings, computer software, applications, operating systems, and databases. Intellectual Property Rights management entities. User rights for intellectual creations.
•Domestic and International Commercial Contracts.
•Commercial distribution, agency, logistics and selective networks.
•Insurance Contracts.
•Publicity rights and advertising contracts.
•Protection of personal data.
•Franchising rights.

Labor and employment Law:

Specifically includes the following subjects:

• Employment regulation dossiers, disciplinary dismissals and objectives, high management, hiring, working conditions modifications, transfers, social conflict situations (collective disputes, strikes).
• Social security.
• Advice on Occupational Risk Prevention.
• Remuneration systems.
• Proceedings before the Social Jurisdiction in all its instances.
• Labor management, payroll and staff management.

Tax Law:

In the area of Tax Law, we are specialists in:

• Tax planning of operations, both national and international.
• Design of fiscally efficient investment vehicles.
• Tax evaluation of the consequences of the implementation of new technologies in sales processes to customers and e-commerce.
• Corporate reorganizations. Companies M&A processes, joint ventures, partners agreements and venture capital operations.
• Taxation of large estates.
• Taxations of family businesses.
• Taxation of inheritance.
• Administrative procedures in the tax field, representation and legal assistance in inspection proceedings before the Tax Administration (AEAT, Autonomous and Local Administration).
• Legal counsel, preparation and filing of Appeal for Reversal, Claims before the financial-administrative courts, Contentious-Administrative proceedings in the tax sphere.

In addition, we provide accounting and tax advice services in the ordinary management of all types of companies and legal entities. Our professional services include:

• Daily accounting preparation, cost accounting and analytics in accordance with the General Accounting Plan and its sectoral adaptations, consultations and resolutions of the ICAC and other applicable regulations.
• Preparation and completion of monthly, quarterly and annual tax models: VAT (model 303), IRPF account deductions (models 111, 216), withholding tax (model 115), annual informative statements (models 347, 390, 190, 180, etc), between others.
• Collaboration in compliance with tax obligations.
• Review of the adequacy application of tax regulations in the management of the entity´s usual activity.
• Assistance and preparation of the Corporate Income Tax and its instalment payments.
• Verifications of compliance with formal obligations in tax matters.
• Technical assistance and representation in their relations with the Tax Administration, including all those procedures initiated by the Tax Administration authorities; see, for example, response to information requirements, data verification procedures, limited verification, etc.
• Advice and assistance in the correct execution and documentation of related operations and transfer prices.
• Requests for postponement and instalments in the payment of tax debts.

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