Litigation and Arbitration

Area dedicated to litigation in any jurisdiction or civil, commercial, family, or penal court.

It includes legal counsel to individuals on private matters.

We specifically focus on the following matters:

  • Civil and Commercial Proceedings: Proceedings about legal competence, filiations, marriage, minors, legal divisions of assets, obtaining court orders, exchange litigation, proceedings related to commercial law, enforcement proceedings, voluntary jurisdiction, title records of domain, recognition of acts, surveys and demarcation of boundaries, possessory proceedings, declaration of official inheritors, declarations of absence and of death, adoption and custody proceedings, appointment of guardians, trustees, and legal defenders, legal authorization of the alienation of property of those deprived of legal capacity, minors, and of community property, civil register proceedings, wills, and auctions.
  • Pre-trial proceedings in claims of civil liability for consumer products or for fulfilment of contracts.
  • Pre-trial proceedings in matters relating to insurance contracts.
  • Constitutional Law, complaints of violations of Constitutional rights.
  • Domestic and international arbitration (Court of Arbitration of Málaga, CCI, Court of Arbitration of Barcelona, Court of Arbitration of the Chamber of Commerce of Málaga and Madrid, etc.)
  • Mediation
  • Penal Law: Fraud, misappropriation, corporate crime, criminal insolvency, crimes against industrial property and copyright, economic crimes, tax fraud, environmental offenses, civil liabilities resulting from crimes, and extradition.
  • Civil Law: Contracts (marriage settlements, sales contracts, exchanges, lease contracts, civil societies, mandates, loans, deposits, aleatory contracts, transactions, deposits, securities, mortgages, antichresis, chattel mortgages, inheritances, donations, condominiums, communal properties, possession, usufruct, use and habitation, and inevitable obligation.
  • Property Registry
  • Use of personal name, reputation, and privacy.
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